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Kenkijin Spirit

The Kenkijin Spirit is at the heart of everything we do at HCME. Taken from the Japanese name of HCM, ‘Kenkijin’ roughly translates as ‘citizen of HCM’. The Kenkijin Spirit embodies our shared values and principles, and there are three ideas that underpin it:

  • Challenge – we take on challenges without fear of failure
  • Customer – we strive to understand our customers’ needs better than they do
  • Communication – we take the initiative on reporting, liaising and consulting.

These simple ideas encourage everyone at HCME and help us to apply the spirit in more specific ways.

Organizational beliefs

Some of the most important management themes we are prioritizing and focusing on, are the new recruitment approach to find the best talents, the Young HCME association and Organizational Health Improvement initiatives. For Young HCME we had some great initiatives the last years, for example Inspirational sessions with HCME Management Board, visit other industrial companies and different team activities such as cleaning the canals in Amsterdam and an online puz quiz.

Within HCME there is a strong belief that an organization that enables their employees to execute with excellence will perform better. To make this happen from within our organization, the OHI-program (Health Improvement initiatives) "Health at the hearth of Hitachi" started in 2018. Since then, several HCME colleagues took the opportunity to contribute to improve the HCME organization. A few examples of these initiatives are: the implementation of virtual coffee rooms during COVID-19, providing monthly Employee Engagement Sessions during COVID-19 to stay connected with company developments and providing tips to work at home with physical and mental well-being.

Embracing Sustainable Development Goals

Based on our vision “To become the first-choice solutions provider and help to build a better future”, HCME helps to create comfortable living spaces. As a proud member of HCM Group, HCME has engaged in solving social issues and enhancing corporate value through our business activities, and we aim to achieve a sustainable society with an eye on 2030. In order to realize our vision, we believe we not only need to improve our economic value, including the business value of our company, but also to strive to maximize our social and environmental value. We are working with customers and other stakeholders to achieve SDGs - set by the United Nations - by creating new value throughout the entire value chain.

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